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Secularism on the Move:
Transnational Secularism in the Francophone World

The Secularism on the Move research project examines the growing presence of secular people, politics, and ideas in the province of Québec and how they circulate transnational in the Francophone world. It brings together researchers from twelve universities and more than a dozen students. 

Together, we are quantifying and theorizing the circulation of ideas and people, especially as they relate to the histories and politics of these seven countries in the Francophonie: Algeria, Belgium, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Switzerland, and Tunisia. We do so through qualitative interviews and discourse analyses of media and legislation. 

We ask: which discourses on secularism circulate? By whom? How? What are their social and political impacts in Québec? How do they relate to language and colonial politics in the Francophone world? And why these, and why now?

Please see this site for more information about our team, our dissemination projects and our activities. The French version of our website is available, and our X feed is also linked above.

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