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In 2022-23, we are focused on data collection for our pilot project (see About), as well as our ongoing lecture series, originally drawn from the Producing Islam(s) in Canada project (see Events).

Please check back here for our future work, which will include the mapping of transnational figures and a bilingual podcast series.

Team Member Books and Publications (since 2020)
Amélie Barras

Lori G. Beaman

Carlos Colorado

Dia Dabby

Géraldine Mossière

Mireille Paquet

Jennifer A. Selby

  • Selby, Jennifer A. 2022. “Romance and the Male Secular Body: The Case of Algerian Men in France and Québec,” The Journal of the American Academy of Religion. 90:1 (March): 248-269, 

  • Selby, Jennifer A. 2022. “‘There is No Place for the State in the Bedrooms of the Nation’ or The Case of Bill 21: A Response to Goodwin’s Gender/Religion Lens” for Key Categories in the Study of Religion: Contexts and Critiques. Ed. Rebekka King. Equinox, 162-175. 

  • Selby, Jennifer A., Amélie Barras and Lori G. Beaman. 2020. “L’angle mort de la « laïcité ouverte » : Les processus de navigation et négociations dans le vécu religieux au Canada.” (first author, with A. Barras and L.G. Beaman). Social Compass 67:1 45-58. 

  • Colorado, Carlos and Jennifer A. Selby (2020). “Introduction: ‘Open Secularism’ from the Margins; La “laïcité ouverte” vue des marges.” Social Compass, 67, no.1: 3-17.

Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme 

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